A new woman's condom is in town!

Introducing MAXIMUM DIVA WOMAN’S CONDOM: for the smart, young woman who wants to take control of, and enjoy her life!


We get that you’re at an age where you’re exploring your sexuality.

And if you’re already having sex, whether it’s in a long-term relationship or with casual partners, you’ll know how disappointing it can be when things are getting hot and heavy, only to realize that both you and your partner don’t have protection. Talk about a buzz kill!

This is where we come in…

The Maximum Diva Woman's Condoms helps you take control of YOUR life. It also gives you the freedom and confidence you deserve to be free from unplanned pregnancies and STIs. 

What makes THE MAXIMUM DIVA WOMAN’S CONDOM, unlike other condom options?

We’ve got your back so we obviously wouldn’t want you to use a condom that isn’t up there with the best of the best! 

Here’s why you should get your hands on this condom: 

Get Your Hands On it!

The Maximum Diva Woman's Condom is only going for K10, a small price you have to pay for protection and prevention don't you think? You can find it at these leading pharmacy stores around Zambia! 

“Maximum Diva Woman’s Condom has been approved by SABS and European standards and is prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO)/United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)”

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dawson perry 2 months ago:
its so gud 4 u coz u ar helpin a lot of pipo
perrydwson mknight 3 months ago:
i am in ndola nd can we find ur centres
perrydwson mknight 3 months ago:
i am in ndola nd can we found ur centres

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