Female condoms empowering women

We’re just going to jump straight into the facts on how using contraception is so important. Using contraception, such as female condoms, isn’t just about protecting yourself from STIs and preventing unplanned pregnancies. 

It’s also about planning for your future in a way that allows you to have children when you’re emotionally and financially ready as well.

For instance, research has found that in countries where contraception like male and female condoms, is widely used, women find themselves able to: 

Unplanned pregnancies can have profound negative impact on the young woman, her partner, their families and on a larger scale the community they live in.  

Using contraception gives you the power to control when you want to have children, like when you have a stable and financially rewarding job that allows you to provide for yourself and the child. 

These sound like pretty good reasons for more men and women to use and have accessibility to contraception, right?

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